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Our skilled workforce believes in a culture of professionalism and accountability to meet the expectations of our customers while empowering one another to succeed.

Working for the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks is not just a job. It is a life passion. It is about working together as a team with colleagues, customers and partner organizations to ensure that our state’s outdoor heritage lives on for the next generation.

create an adventure in state parks

The Division of Parks and Recreation is responsible for the maintenance and management of South Dakota’s state parks and recreational areas. Residents and visitors alike enjoy these special areas whether the sun is shining, leaves are turning or snow is falling. The state parks are a source for fun and activities year-round.

  • Park Manager
    Park managers work to enhance, preserve and protect the resources and facilities of their assigned park district and provide recreational activities compatible with the resource. They also manage the daily operations and maintenance of a park unit or a collection of park units within a part district, are lead workers and provide work direction to permanent and/or seasonal staff or volunteers.
  • Park Naturalist
    Park naturalists provide nature education courses and workshops by designing and producing interpretive exhibits and displays. They also assist with recruiting and training volunteers to help develop presentations and conduct workshops.
  • Conservation Technician
    Conservation technicians maintain park facilities, grounds, campgrounds, roads and trails, and vehicles and equipment. They also prepare and maintain records and reports of work accomplished to ensure the quality of the park infrastructure is sound, presentation of the park is accessible and inviting, and maximum customer service is provided.

explore the wild side of our wildlife

The Division of Wildlife manages South Dakota’s wildlife and fisheries within social, fiscal and biological constraints while serving as stewards of our state’s outdoor resources. Staff within the division work hard to enhance hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities for South Dakota’s outdoorsmen and women while partnering with private landowners and public land managers to collaboratively manage fish, wildlife and associated habitats.

  • Wildlife/Fisheries Biologist
    Biologists are hired to research the habitat, production, distribution and other factors impacting the wildlife and fisheries resources. They plan research studies and implement management practices pertaining to habitat, production, distribution and natural balance to ensure sound management and conservation of fish and wildlife species out in the field or in one of the state's fish hatcheries.
  • Wildlife Damage Specialist
    Wildlife damage specialists provide assistance in controlling and preventing depredation of livestock or losses of crops, forage or other property by wildlife. They provide educational presentations and demonstrations to promote hunting and trapping and also provide technical assistance to individuals requesting help with various wildlife-related problems.
  • Conservation Technician
    Conservation technicians implement a variety of wildlife resources management projects such as planting crops and trees, taking care of fish from spawning through stocking, preventing wildlife depredation, harvesting timber and spraying weeds to comply with management plans designed to maintain and enhance habitat.

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  • All state government positions (permanent, seasonals, internships and workcamper positions) are announced through the South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources and managed online at

Apply for an internship

  • The State of South Dakota Intern Program provides opportunities for college and technical school students to gain work experience and first-hand knowledge of state government programs and services in various occupational fields. More...

Apply for a seasonal job

  • Looking for a summer job that takes you out of the ordinary and lands you in the middle of South Dakota’s natural resources? A variety of seasonal positions and opportunities offer life experiences for employees 17-years and older, working within multiple department areas at a competitive wage rate. More...

volunteer :: state park

  • Protecting, managing and interpreting South Dakota's natural lands and wildlife are no small tasks. Each year, hundreds of people donate their time and talents to do just that as they volunteer within our state park system. More...

volunteer :: outdoor campus

  • The Outdoor Campuses in Sioux Falls and Rapid City are the gateways to a lifetime of outdoor adventures. Adult volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and commit to 50 hours a year. More...