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Crossbow / Draw-Lock Permit


A Crossbow/Draw-lock Permit is available to any person who is permanently incapable of using a bow and arrow due to the loss of or use of one or both arms, caused by birth defect, injury, disease, or who is confined to a wheelchair.

  • Crossbows used for hunting shall have a minimum pull of 125 pounds and be equipped with a functional mechanical safety device.
  • The bolts shall be equipped with a broadhead that has at least two metal cutting edges.
  • This permit also entitles a person to use a bow that is equipped with a draw-lock device that holds the bow at a partial or full draw.
  • A person issued a crossbow/draw-lock permit may not possess a firearm in the field nor be accompanied by a person carrying a firearm during any season restricted to archery, except for those persons who possess a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon.


The crossbow/draw-lock application has a section that must be completed and signed by a licensed physician or chiropractor that will document the medical condition, disability, or injuries that permanently restricts the applicant from using a conventional bow and arrow.

This portion must be completed for both new and renewing permits. The physician or chiropractor is required to list a date of recovery for the applicant.

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