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Designated Shooter Permit

A Designated Shooter Permit is available to any person, who

  • is blind/visually impaired or to any person with paralysis of all four limbs . A blind or visually impaired person is defined as a person who has a visual acuity 20/200 or less in the better eye with correcting lenses or has a limited field of vision such that the widest diameter subtends an angular distance of no greater then twenty degrees.
  • is legally licensed for the specific season hunted.
  • is in immediate physical presence of the designated shooter and participates in the hunt.

contact information

605.223.7660 |

Permits are free of cost and are not transferable.

The permittee may claim the game animals taken by the designated shooter in accordance with the license(s) possessed by the permittee.

Youth Designated Shooter Permit

A Youth Designated Shooter Permit is available to any youth who has a permanent or temporary disability who is missing an upper limb, physically incapable of using an upper limb, or confined to a wheelchair.

SANDS - Sportsmen Assisting Disabled Sportsmen

The SANDS program helps men, women and children with disabilities by providing a means for them to meet able-bodied outdoors men and women who volunteer their time and abilities. They work to help people with disabilities enjoy hunting and