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Disabled Hunter Permit

A Disabled Hunter Permit authorizes qualifying individuals with disabilities to lawfully shoot game animals from a stationary motor vehicle. This includes big game animals such as deer, antelope, elk, and turkey, and small game animals such as grouse, pheasants, partridge, rabbits, and waterfowl.

  • A Disabled Hunter Permit is issued free-of-cost by GFP to qualifying hunters and is valid for a four-year period. Individuals will need to reapply for a permit renewal at that time.
  • The disabled hunter permit is intended for use in situations where an applicant's physical or medical condition makes it impossible, or causes severe pain or physical hardship on the applicant, when walking afield while hunting.
  • Licensed hunters who are paraplegics or otherwise physically unable to walk with or without crutches, braces, or other mechanical support, and who have a Disabled Hunter Permit, may shoot in fields, woods, or from public roads from a stationary motor vehicle or all-terrain vehicle while hunting game animals or game birds in accordance with the conditions of the permit.
  • The hunter will need to obtain the required state licenses for whatever species are to be hunted.
  • Permit limitations or guidelines specify what a person legally can and cannot do while in possession of a Disabled Hunter Permit.

Disabled Hunter Permit

A Disabled Hunter Permit may be issued for a period not to exceed 12 months to any person with a temporary ambulatory injury.

The disabled hunter application has a section that must be completed and signed by a licensed physician that will document the physical disabilities or medical condition limiting the applicant's walking ability.

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What are the qualifications to receive a Disabled Hunter Permit?

A qualifying person must have at least one of the following physical disabilities or medical conditions:

What activities does a Disabled Hunter Permit authorize and what are the permit limitations?

A Disabled Hunter Permit authorizes the permittee to shoot from a stationary motor vehicle with the following exceptions or limitations:

SANDS - Sportsmen Assisting Disabled Sportsmen

The SANDS program helps men, women and children with disabilities by providing a means for them to meet able-bodied outdoors men and women who volunteer their time and abilities. They work to help people with disabilities enjoy hunting and