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Special Buck

A deer hunting license option that hunters have is the Special Buck license which allows you to hunt in all West River Deer or East River Deer units on private land only. The license is valid for one "any deer" for the dates of each respective hunting season.

Both residents and nonresidents are eligible for West River Special Buck licenses. East River Special Buck licenses are available to South Dakota residents only.

Residents may apply for both East River AND West River Special Buck licenses, however, an individual can only possess one. The draw for East River Special Buck licenses will be conducted first. Applicants who draw an East River will not be eligible for West River and will receive a preference point if the appropriate fee is submitted with the application.

The West River Deer traditionally opens the second Saturday in November. East River Deer traditionally opens the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

  • Season Dates:
    Special Buck West River - Nov. 11-26, 2017
    Special Buck East River -
    Nov. 18 - Dec. 3, 2017

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