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application requirements

These general rules and requirements are for all limited issue licenses. Some season applications may have additional requirements that are presented on the application.

Drawing Statistics Available

Applicants may access previous years license drawing statistics online. Follow instructions on that page. The same link is available as an option when you sign into the online application system. Drawing information will be available from several past seasons. The current year information will be available when those drawings are complete.
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application rules

  • Applications not properly filled out will be returned.
  • You may submit only one application per season for the first drawing and receive no more than one license. See "Application Deadlines" for rules allowing additional licenses.
  • Applicants applying for differently priced licenses as first and second choice must include the higher fee. You will receive a partial refund if you draw the lower-priced license.
  • Applicants wishing to receive a preference point for seasons in which they are unsuccessful in their first choice, must include appropriate preference point fee.
  • Licenses may not be transferred to another person.
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To apply for a resident license, a person must:

EXCEPTIONS: The following persons are eligible for resident licenses:

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termination of residency

A person (other than a person who fits into one of the previous EXCEPTIONS) is deemed to have terminated their South Dakota resident hunting, fishing, and trapping status if the person does any of the following:

Applies for, purchases, or accepts a resident hunting, fishing, or trapping license issued by another state or foreign country;

Registers to vote in another state or foreign country;

Accepts a driver's license issued by another state or foreign country; or

Moves to any other state or foreign country and makes it the person’s domicile or makes any claim of residency for any purpose in the other state or foreign country.

However, a person who has lawfully acquired a resident hunting, fishing, or trapping license and who leaves the state after acquiring the license to take up residency elsewhere may continue to exercise all the privileges granted by the license until the license expires if the person's respective privileges are not revoked or suspended.
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Social security number

The last four digits of your Social Security Number are required. The Social Security Number information is required from all U.S. residents before this application will be processed [SDCL 25-7A-56.2]. This information will be kept confidential. The information is required to be in compliance with state law on collection of delinquent child support payments.

South Dakota law prohibits the issuance or renewal of any hunting or fishing license if an individual owes $1,000 or more in past-due child support unless the individual enters into a repayment agreement with the Dept. of Social Services for payment of the delinquent child support [SDCL 25-7A-56; 25-7A-1(28)]. There is a requirement to enter into a repayment agreement with the Dept. of Social Services even if the individual is presently making child support payments, or if child support is being withheld from wages or income. To enter into the required repayment agreement, individuals must contact the Dept. of Social Services - Office of Child Support Enforcement, 700 Governor's Drive - Kneip Building, Pierre SD 57501, or call 605.773.6456.
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Age Eligibility

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Resident Landowner preference

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Submitting Applications

Applications may be submitted online or on the form provided in the application (the forms may be photocopied), and be mailed to the address below. Proper postage must be affixed to the envelope to ensure delivery.

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Group Applications

Either all in the group will be drawn together or all will be rejected. Residents must submit the resident fee and nonresidents must submit the nonresident fee. This is valid only in seasons and units where both resident and nonresident licenses are available for a specific drawing. It should be noted that in most instances, residents who apply with nonresidents will have a diminished chance of drawing a first-choice license.

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Submitting Fees

You must submit the appropriate license fee to cover the cost of each season applied for on this multiple application form as well as any preference point fees. One check may be written to cover the cost of all seasons you apply for on this form. We recommend the fee be sent in the form of a personal check, but a cashier's check, money order or cash will be accepted. Cash is not recommended. Make checks payable to "South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks." Payment for applications submitted online must be made with a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Your credit card will not be charged until you are either, 1) successful in the drawing, or 2) unsuccessful in the drawing but elected to receive a preference point. Nonpayment in the form of a cancelled credit card will result in your license being withheld and the blocking of any future license purchases until the unpaid fee, along with any penalties, is paid in full. A bad check will either void the license if the draw has not yet occurred; or if the drawing has been completed, it will result in the blocking of any future license purchases until the unpaid fee, along with any back check fees and penalties are paid in full.
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successful applicants

Successful applicants for limited licenses are selected at random by computer lottery.
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Unsuccessful Applicants

Unsuccessful applicants will receive a refund check from the State of South Dakota if they applied by paper application. Each member of a group who applied together will receive a separate refund. Members of a group who sent one check will be responsible for reimbursement among themselves. Those who applied online using a credit card will be charged only if they are successful in the drawing. Those unsuccessful will not be charged and there will be no refund required.
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Preference POints

Seasons with a limited number of licenses have a preference system for applicants who are unsuccessful on their first choice in the first drawing. One point may be purchased each year the applicant is unsuccessful. Preference is valid on first choices in the first drawing only. Purchased preference points are automatically credited to an application and even if you do not apply the following year. Your preference will be available for the same season for up to five years. Preference cannot be transferred to another person and is only valid for the first drawing in the applicant’s first unit-type choice. If you have any questions about your preference, please contact our Information Office.
NOTE: Applicants who draw a first-choice license and subsequently refuse to take the license will lose all accumulated preference and eligibility.
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