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Mourning Doves

Season Dates Sept. 1 - Nov. 9, 2017
Open Area: Statewide
Daily Limit: 15
Possession Limit: 45

Mourning doves are found almost everywhere in South Dakota. They prefer grasslands, open woodlands, agricultural fields, and residential areas. Primary foods are seeds and small grains.

These speedy birds have been clocked at 50 miles per hour in the air, enough jukes and jives to make them very elusive game. Mourning doves are typically hunted early morning and at dusk as they travel from feed (often grain fields) to water and back.

A hunter may cover in light camouflage and wait for pass shooting; may use decoys; and, though a challenge, may walk shelterbelts and fields to flush the birds.

Mourning doves are notoriously sensitive to cold weather, and may migrate out of the state as the evenings grow frosty.

Mourning dove hunters may also encounter Eurasian collared doves which are open to hunting year-round without a daily or posession limit.

Here are some mourning dove hunting restrictions to keep in mind:

License Requirements:

Hunting Regulations: A summary of the rules and regulations that guide your hunt.

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