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Horse Camps

Check out: Check out time is noon for all parks. At Custer State Park, check out time is 11 a.m.
Fees: Range from $12 - $27 per night
Park Permit: Required
Reservations: Required at most, some available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Availability: Some are available year-round. Check with specific park for date details.
Accessible Accommodations: Not available
Group Campsites: Not available
Brochure: Download

In South Dakota, an Old West adventure awaits behind every rock and around every turn. After a day exploring a new trail, sit back and relax by the fire. Horse camps are found in 10 state park areas and are often found near the trailhead. These camps offer horseback riders a place to bed down with their horses after a day of riding.

Horse Camps include

  • Trailer parking
  • Corrals
  • Water (available at most, check with specific camp for details. Bring your own containers.)
  • Electricity (available at most, check with specific camp for details)

Before you ride

Please be aware of current feed and inspection requirements.