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Group Lodges

The group lodge facilities at Shadehill, Mina Lake, Newton Hills, Oahe Downstream, Palisades, Lake Thompson and Sheps Canyon may be reserved one year in advance through the reservation center.

Lodge Sleeps Fee
Lake Thompson Recreation Area 12 $240
Mina Lake Recreation Area 8 $185
Newton Hills State Park 12 $240
Oahe Downstream Recreation Area   $125
Palisades State Park 12 $240
Shadehill Recreation Area 10 $185
Sheps Canyon Recreation Area 12 $240

Picnic Shelters / Barracks / Tents

Picnic shelter reservations are accepted within 90 days of your arrival (except at Custer).

Picnic Shelter: $20 (reservation fee)
Kitchenette Shelter: $50 (Fort Sisseton)
Kitchenette Shelter: $50 (Pierson Ranch)
South Barracks: $300 per weekend (Fort Sisseton)
Event Tent (40 x 100 feet): $150/day, two-day minimum (Fort Sisseton)
Event Tent (40 x 100 feet) off-site: $1,000, plus $2 per mile over 25 miles (Fort Sisseton)