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Nonprofit Youth Group Camping Discount

Fee: $.50 per person or $6 per night (whichever is greater)

A "Nonprofit youth group" is any organized group of youths, all under age 18, sponsored by a nonprofit organization. The group must be accompanied by a smaller group of adult leaders* that have been designated by the organization to provide supervision, guidance, and instruction.

*Any adult accompanying the youth group for the primary purpose of supervising the adult's own children is not considered an adult leader of the group.

A park entrance license is not required* for a resident nonprofit youth group that enters a state park or recreation area if the group obtains an approved nonprofit youth group permit from the park manager or a designee before entering the park.

*The park manager shall issue special free park entrance licenses to vehicles used by the youth group. The nonprofit youth group must obtain the permit not less than five days prior to entering the park.