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free Bird booklets

These four birding trail guides can be downloaded as PDF files:

SD Birding Trails Map

Grouse of Plains and Mountains, The South Dakota Story

Available for sale online... This book was written to foster increased interest and appreciation of the four grouse species and associated habitats in South Dakota. Grouse enthusiasts, biologists, hunters, and bird watchers will appreciate the history, ecology, and management of South Dakota grouse while enjoying the 246 page book filled with colored photos.

The Wild Turkey in South Dakota

Available for sale online... Wild turkeys were not always as abundant as they currently are in South Dakota. Efforts to restore populations of wild turkeys into and beyond their historical distribution in the state have proven successful beyond imagination. The Wild Turkey in South Dakota not only documents this fascinating history, it also is an important source of information on the description, behavior, ecology and management of wild turkeys in South Dakota.